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Inspired as a young child when he was given his own wooden toolbox, Alexander has always been excited to see what he can create with his own two hands. He’s been a carpenter for four years, working a lot with water and fire damaged places for insurance claims.

Carpentry isn’t just a job to Alexander, it’s a passion. We spent our time together finding out what inspired Alexander to pursue this career and getting his view on whether there’s still a place for traditional carpentry techniques.

Bahco: Tell us about your journey?

Alexander: It all started when I was a little boy and got my first ever toolbox. I’ve always wanted to create things so it made the decision to become a carpenter really simple. First I went to carpentry school and from there got in contact with a few of the companies which had offered training while I was at school. This meant I went into a job straight after I’d graduated before moving recently to a bigger, better company.

What was the first thing you made?

The first thing we could actually use was a spice-shelf, which I made when I was about five years old.

Are you proud of your job?

Yes, I’m very proud to work as a carpenter because a lot of the time you can make people’s dreams come to life. It’s incredibly satisfying to see a project through from the start to when it’s done and they love what you’ve made.

What’s your favourite tool?

It’s so hard to choose just one! I enjoy working with a sharp handsaw but a hand planer is really useful when you want a great finishing touch on the trim, especially in an older house where there’s no straight edges.

Do you have any old fashioned techniques?

When I get the opportunity, I scrub all the trims because it looks so much better and stays fresher as the moisture levels change over the year. I use old fashioned techniques like this from time to time, but it really depends on the customer and the project I’m working on.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I’m so interested in what I do so it’s never feels like a job because I love what I’m doing. Even when it’s freezing outside and you’re working in the cold, I get to do so many different tasks day in and day out that I never get tired of it. Building with my own two hands is what I love doing.

Do you have any advice for the next generation?

Keep your body in shape! Every morning, we spend 15 minutes doing morning workouts to start the day. This is such a good time to stretch your body and focus your mind for the day ahead. People often overlook exercise but think about the heavy lifting that’s routine in our job, we’ve only got one body and need to look after it.