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With the next instalment of the FIA World Endurance Championship around the corner, the 6 Hours of Fuji quickly approaches. LMP2 teams will be looking to bring their best performance to try and close the impressive point gap created by Signatech-Alpine.

After another victory in the LMP2 category the team of Gustavo Menezes, Nicolas Lapierre and Stéphane Richelmi currently have 156 points while RGR Sport by Morand, the team currently in second place, are 38 points behind with 118.

At the 6 Hours of COTA, the team beat their LMP2 rivals and secured 8th place in the overall standings with only teams from the LMP1 category ahead of them. With only three races left of the World Endurance Championship things are looking promising for Signatech-Alpine to continue their dominating series.

As the next leg of the race heads towards Japan, teams will be studying the 6 Hours of Fuji course which spans 4.5km and features 16 turns for drivers to master. The track was originally built in 1966, but underwent a renovation in 2005 and this year’s WEC will mark the competitions 4th visit to the iconic track.

The Toyota owned track lies at the foot of Mount Fuji and is famed for its changing weather condition which will force drivers to quickly adapt to a variety of racing conditions. The 6 Hours of Fuji also offers drivers a wide track with plenty of straights, the longest of which being 1,475 metres, perfect for tactical manoeuvres and overtakes.

The track itself can be split into three sections, the first is composed of straights and braking points making drivers compromise on a mixture of speed and downforce. The second allows drivers to reach high speeds and show off what their cars can really do, before the third section offers a twists and turns require technical expertise to manoeuvre skilfully. The course will test each team’s every skill as they race to increase their standing on the WEC table.

With fierce LMP2 competition looking to use these next three races to swiftly move up to first place. The Signatech-Alpine team will have to bring their best performance to maintain their lead. However, with their current consistent form bringing 5 victories in the LMP2 category already, they look more than capable to secure another win.

The 6 Hours of Fuji starts on Sunday 16th October and will provide high octane thrills as the drivers at the top of their categories attempt to extend their lead and those marginally below them look to take the number one spot as winners of the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship.