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Last year, we turned 130 years old and as we looked back through our past we discussed all the evolutions and achievements we have collected. Our tools have seen continued success over the years, but none of this would have been possible without our customers and stockists across the globe.

While we always strive to provide tools of the highest quality, we wanted to know why our customers kept coming back. What made you choose Bahco over the competition time and time again? We wanted to hear your stories about how we’ve been a part of your life, and you delivered.

With stories pouring in from all over Europe, we let you pick your favourite and then our Bahco panel of judges voted for theirs. These stories are the reason we continue to make tools of the highest quality and we wanted to reflect this in the prizes we offered:

1st Place – A holiday to San Sebastian, a trip to the Bahco factory and a meal at a Michelin star restaurant.

2nd Place – A special edition 130th anniversary tool storage trolley.

3rd Place – Bahco tool storage bag and socket sets.

We’ve closed the voting and tallied up the results to find out which story was the people’s favourite:

5th Place – Bahco, A Friend in all Situations – Birger, Norway

Birger has lived a lot of his life in isolation, relying heavily in Bahco tools in difficult situations. We’re happy they’ve never let you down Birger, we’ve thank him by sharing our Bahco tool case to keep his tools safe.

4th Place – The Bahco Saw: Irreplaceable – Alessandro, Italy

Alessandro wouldn’t be without our Bahco pruning saws to look after his olive trees in Italy. To make sure his saws a ready for use every time we’ve shared our very our tool storage case.

3rd Place – Bahco Best Tool Case Ever! – Chriselle, France

Christelle doesn’t need to rely on her husband to do the D-I-Y in her household. Instead she relies on Bahco tools, having the right tools stored away she could tackle those do it yourself jobs, by herself! Now she has a socket set to add to the collection and Bahco’s storage bag to hold it all.

2nd Place – The Tools in Orange and Black Have Never Let Me Down – Mark, UK

Bahco’s special edition 130th Anniversary tool storage trolley, won by Mark, now means his tools have a home. His story about how his existing tool collection have travelled the world with him, to Australia and back, has secured him in place of our third favourite story. Keep up the good work Mark.

1st Place – Lessons Learned Through Generations – Robert, International

In first place, we have Robert Richter with his story about how a Bahco tool not only helped him connect with his father, but also taught him a valuable lesson about quality tools. When trying to be like his father and start his own DIY project, he inadvertently broke a chisel and found himself having to replace it. Picking a Bahco chisel to add to his Father’s collection, Robert has come to rely on the high quality we strive for allowing us to occupy most of his toolbox. With this story Robert has won a holiday to San Sebastian, a tour around our local factory and dinner at a Michelin star restaurant.


The 130th anniversary competition was just one of many that we have been running across the world, for more information and to keep up-to-date on our latest competitions, news and insights, keep visiting Bahco World.