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This year’s FIA World Endurance Championship has had plenty of twists, turns and unexpected results. However, none of them compare to the 6 Hours of Fuji, which ended in bizarre circumstances.

Fans were expecting a high stakes race, with teams battling for as many points as possible as we move ever closer to the WEC’s grand finale. Unfortunately, Fuji had other ideas. The race was marred by heavy rain and a thick fog that prevented the pit lane from being seen from the grandstand.

The race began under the guidance of the safety car and just as the first hour closed, the first red flag was raised. Everything came to a halt and ultimately, the 6 Hours of Fuji became the 3 and a half hours of abysmal conditions.

While the weather caused chaos across the Fuji Speedway, the Signatech Alpine team were in pursuit of the leading car. Unfortunately, the premature chequered flag signalled the end of the race and the trio of Menezes, Lapierre and Negrao had to settle with a competitive second place.

During the final hour, the conditions went from bad to worse as the safety car was sent to check whether the conditions were deemed safe enough to continue the race, but at this point most of the drivers were ready for the chequered flag. However, a surprise final 10 minutes of racing sent drivers scurrying back to their cars, annoying those in the lead and giving those trailing hope that they could once again contend.

As it stands, the Jackie Chan DC Racing #38 car is still sitting in first place with 145 points, while Vaillante Rebellion’s #21 is closing the gap as their Fuji victory brings them to a total of 135 points. Bringing up the rear of the podium with 120 points is Signatech Alpine’s #36 car who have a real chance of securing a better position if one of the other teams make even the slightest mistake.

The FIA World Endurance Championship is entering the last turn before the final straight as the next race takes us to Shanghai on November 3rd. Hopefully fans will be able to experience a full 6 hours of high speed endurance racing.