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July 17th marked the latest round of high octane racing as the FIA World Endurance Championship travelled to Germany bringing the 4th race in a tense series to the tarmac of the Nürburgring.

With 16 turns and a lap distance of over 5km, the historic track gives pilots plenty of opportunities to fight for a podium position. However, early in the race it was clear to see that the LMP1 Porsche teams were going to dominate as they swiftly secured first and second place, with their Toyota rivals having no response for the competitive pace set.

In the LMP2 category, the #36 Signatech Alpine car piloted by Nicolas Lapierre, Gustavo Menezes and Matthew Rao looked to improve on their previous result at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, while the #35 was looking to cement its place on the LMP2 podium.

With Lapierre’s return to the #36 car after his call up to LMP1 for Le Mans, the trio were back together and looking to fight for their position on the podium. The climatic segment of the race came with Lapierre behind the wheel, as his stunning performance placed the #36 team in a position to take the bottom step of the podium from the rival Rebellion team.

With Lapierre building upon his teammates hard work, they were able to extend their advantage to a level their opponents could not match. With a strong LMP2 podium finish, the trio secured a crucial 15 points as the championship nears its second half.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go too well for the Signatech Alpine #35 team consisting of Pierre Ragues, André Negrão and Nelson Panciatici. Despite working hard for the first 2 hours, the car had suffered damage and just before the half way point, it was decided that the damage was too severe to carry on. This unfortunately led to #35 car finishing in last position, earning no points from this race.

As the sun set on the Nürburgring, the #36 Signatech Alpine team are sitting in 3rd place overall, with 4th place a mere 6 points behind. Meanwhile despite picking up a solid 30 points from Le Mans, the number #35’s spate of bad luck at Nürburgring means they’re still sat in the bottom half of the LMP2 table at 7th.

With the next race, the 6 Hours of Mexico, over a month away teams have plenty of time to prepare and adapt their tactics for 1st September. In Mexico, they’ll be lining up to try and close the gap on the current leaders, DC Racing who sit comfortably with 116 points and a generous 46-point lead.