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Between the 9th and 12th of May, the 13th International Defence Industry Fair was once again hosted in Turkey by the Ministry of National Defence under the management of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF).

The fair is an important date on the global Defence industry’s calendar and has been held biennially since 1993. IDEF isn’t just about showcasing cutting edge defence technologies, but it also allows the development of friendships between all participating countries. The International Defence Industry Fair is the biggest of its kind throughout the Eurasian region and is currently one of the top 5 globally. Attendance has only grown with each event seeing an increase in participating countries, delegations and companies.

IDEF 2017 was a massive success as it hosted 818 companies and representatives, 135 delegations and 600 delegates currently active in the defence industry alongside 2 international organisations. From a political perspective, the fair saw 2 Heads of State, 30 Ministers, 6 Chiefs of Staff and 10 Force Commanders in attendance.

Turkey have been continuing to invest heavily into the defence industry, last year alone the sector earned them $1.6 billion. This year Turkey aims to beat with a target of $2 billion in exports.

For Bahco, this was our first time attending the event and for us it was a great success. We saw first-hand the interest that this industry shows in our high quality tools and their eagerness to invest. One of the things that stole the show at the Bahco showcase was out BETMS system, the 40” tool storage system is fully customisable to suit your needs and your tools.

Bahco really enjoyed our time at the International Defence Industry Fair in Turkey and will hopefully be returning for the next one with more innovative products in 2019.

A group of defence experts at the Istanbul IDEF 2017Experts liasing with Bahco at Istanbul's IDEF 2017

A picture from the IDEF Istanbul conference 2017