Sabena’s mechanics were tasked with increasing efficiency in an industry that never accepts shortcuts.

While aircraft are often built on an assembly line that ensures every part comes in a logical order, maintenance work does not have that luxury. Sabena’s mechanics rely on their tools to dismantle engines, repair shutters and solve accessibility issues in a busy, transient environment. To work to the level demanded by a client list that includes Airbus and Boeing, they needed tools specifically designed to tackle the difficulties of disassembly work and a way to make them as accessible as possible.


A comprehensive review of Sabena’s tool setup, followed by a complete, custom-made overhaul.

To tackle the issues faced by aircraft mechanics, we needed to learn about the intricacies of aircraft maintenance, the tools and the way they were housed. Following a site visit, the need for ergonomic tools and accurate storage facilities was soon apparent. We worked with Sabena to develop a Bespoke Ergo Tool Management System (BETMS) – a storage solution complete with custom foam inlays that can be easily transported across any of their global locations.

Adapted Solutions
Ergonomic tools, designed for people, in a bespoke management system, designed for Sabena.


With the right equipment in the right place, the world’s aircraft couldn’t be in better hands.

Thanks to their tailored tools and BETMS, the Sabena team have been able to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of their work. Their renewed productivity and speed benefits their mechanics and their customers, as they shorten project delivery for leading aircraft manufacturers in locations around the planet.

By ensuring the company’s key principle of service proximity is also granted to their mechanics via efficient tool setups, they have been able to surpass the high performance levels required in the aviation industry. Their reliable, punctual service ensures aircraft are returned on time and entirely safe for flight crews and passengers.


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