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When we released our saws, they quickly became so popular that you’d often hear people asking for the saw “with the little fish on it.” That was the first time one of our products had revolutionised the tools used daily by people around the world. Since then we haven’t looked back and every time our expert teams look to develop new products, we ask: How can we make life easier for our customers?

The Adjustable Wrench

This was one Bahco’s first invention the adjustable wrench, created by founder JP Johansson. While it originally started as a Swedish creation, it swiftly made its way around the world. In 1891, the adjustable wrench helped Bahco become a household name and it is still one of our staple products today. 

Bahco’s Ergonomic Tool Management System

Normal workshop trolleys can swiftly become a jumble of screwdrivers, hammers and various other tools that could have you wasting time. At Bahco we wanted to address the inefficiency of a messy workplace and developed the Bahco Ergonomic Tool Management System (BETMS for short.)

Originally released in 2013, the BETMS was launched at the Equip’Auto fair where it took home a silver medal for innovating the way tools are managed.

Armed with cutting edge configurator software, we can personalise every BETMS to your needs. We know that no two orders will be the same and that’s why we let you customise everything, from draw combinations to wheels. Foam stencils allow us to give every tool you use a specific place, so nothing ever go missing.

Our BETMS have been used throughout industries, including aviation, where a misplaced tool could be disastrous. They have also helped racing teams win championships such as our partners Signatech Alpine, who took home the LMP2 championship trophy during the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship.  


Repetitive Strain Injuries have also been a big concern for us, not only does it cause harm, but it’s potentially stopping people from working. We wanted to help our tool users avoid injuries, so we designed and refined our ERGO range.

Applying ergonomic science to our tools, we were able to create a safer working environment. We understand that our customers hold us to our reputation of high quality products, so we made sure we minimised the risks of repetitive strain injuries.

Our ERGO tools can reduce the risk of muscle, bone or joint problems while still maintaining the high performance and solid quality that the world has come to expect from Bahco. Originally released in 1982, Bahco created the world’s first screwdriver built for ergonomic use and since then our range has only expanded while collecting more and more industry awards.

Metal Cutting

Through the release of our metal cutting products, Bahco improved and set standards in precision, quality, durability and versatility. Designed as a fully interchangeable system, users can mix and match everything including the arbors, drive plates and pilot drills.

Creating a tool that can completely change to meet each unique job doesn’t mean that we compromised on the world renowned Bahco quality. The entire selection of holesaws and accessories are engineered to improve your productivity and craftsmanship.   


At Bahco, we encourage all of our talented staff to channel their inner inventor so that we can continue to improve our tools to make every project easy. Now that we have 130 years of innovation behind us, we’re excited to see what we can do in the next few decades.