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This year marks the 24th time that fans will descend upon the village of Norje to bask in the thunderous drums and shredded guitar solos that Sweden Rock hosts year after year.

However, before the festival was able to cater to a capacity of 33,000, it had a more humble beginning. Back in 1992 it was held with a different name ‘Sommarfestivalen i Olofström’ (Summer Festival in Olofström) and only featured nine relatively unknown bands. As Sweden Rock looks towards another historic line-up, we decided to take a look back at some images to see what makes the festival so good.

Photo by Heini Samuelson

2007’s festival featured this piece of artwork as its programme cover. It perfectly encapsulated the mayhem that bands like Aerosmith, Meat Loaf and Thin Lizzy brought to the crowds that year.

Photo by Jan Kjellin

The festival has always managed to attract some of the biggest names from across the entire rock spectrum. Bands like Fleetwood Mac, Status Quo and Alice Cooper (Pictured, 2006) have all graced a stage at least once in Sweden Rock’s history. This year’s line-up boasts even more rock giants such as Slayer, Twisted Sister and Foreigner.

Photo by Staffan Vilcans

Back in 2013, Europe appeared at Sweden Rock for the third time to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The performance blew the crowd away and was immortalised through a DVD release.

Photo by Heini Samuelsen

2007 saw Scorpions prove why they are true heroes of heavy metal.

Photo by Staffan Vilcans

Magnum had already played Sweden Rock a few times, but that didn’t stop them from representing the progressive rock genre they’ve been pushing forward since 1972.

As official sponsors of Sweden Rock, we brought our own metal to the festival to test the steel of head bangers from around the world.

First up was the strength challenge, how long could our metal heads hold a Bahco toolbox up for?

Next, our pull-up challenge. We gave Mötley Crües the chance to win bragging rights as they rose to the challenge to beat fellow rock fanatics.

We also brought along the Bahco Dragster, a Micke Kågered Racing Mustang. Its V8 engine provided a different form of heavy metal for the car lovers at the festival.

While the dragster had to remain parked, we did give visitors to the Bahco tent the opportunity to put the pedal to the metal.

The festival doesn’t just offer the crème of the rock genre, there’s also plenty of stalls supplying metal heads with enough food and drink to fuel them for the entire four days.

Sweden Rock has a capacity of 33,000 and when you look towards the stages as the crowd fills up, it’s impossible to ignore their passion.

Sweden Rock is almost here and we hope to see you there when we set up our Bahco tent once again.

Rock on.